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Help me help 1,000,000 people truly heal from trauma and shame

I have some exciting incentives for you including a giveaway of an autographed limited-edition HARDCOVER version of the book (5 winners) plus an invitation to the Launch Team Virtual Release Party on ZOOM!

About the book

If self-help hasn't fully helped or you’ve talked about your problems until you were blue in the face to little or no avail, then this book is exactly what you need. Stop chasing down your symptoms and focus on truly healing the root causes of your struggles, patterns and anxiety: trauma, the trauma of Shame and unconscious limiting beliefs.

This book is for trauma survivors, especially those who aren’t aware that they are trauma survivors. The 'little t' traumas, like Shame, are often times more dis-regulating over a lifetime than the 'Big T' traumas, like an accident, act of violence or loss. More than you may realize, most of your beliefs, much of your personality and many of your life-long patterns and behaviors were forged by early wounding traumatic experiences.

This book is your roadmap to build a strong foundation of knowledge, skills, tools and resources that you can begin to implement immediately, so that you can get unstuck and fast-track your personal transformation.