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Stop chasing down your symptoms and focus on truly healing the root causes of your struggles, patterns and anxiety. I Cried All The Way To Happy Hour is your roadmap to profound healing and personal transformation.


I Cried All the Way to Happy Hour

What to do when self help or talk therapy haven't really helped

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If self-help hasn't fully helped or you’ve talked about your problems, until you were blue in the face, to little or no avail, then this book is exactly what you need. Stop chasing down your symptoms and focus on truly healing the root causes of your struggles, patterns and anxiety: trauma, the trauma of Shame and unconscious limiting beliefs.

This book is for trauma survivors—especially those who aren’t aware that they are trauma survivors. The 'little t' traumas, like Shame, are more dysregulating over a lifetime than the 'Big T' traumas, like an accident, act of violence or loss. More than you may realize, most of your beliefs, much of your personality and many of your life-long patterns and behaviors were forged by traumatic experiences.

what people are saying

Praise for the Book

“Brian is a profoundly talented practitioner and deeply committed to helping people heal from trauma. I’m proud to call him a teacher and a friend.”

Gabby Bernstein

#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Universe has Your Back

“Simply a must-read. Brian’s compassion, wisdom, and humor leap off the page guiding us onto a path of profound healing and transformation.”

Marie Forleo

#1 New York Times bestselling author of Everything is Figureoutable

“Brian creates a safe space to start with the “facts” of your traumas. At first glance, it seems like you’re just helplessly looking at the pain. And then you realize—it’s an unfailing tool that masterfully releases it.”

Nicole Ari Parke

Actor, Producer and Parent

"Brian took the physical manifestation of my trauma and healed it. His work and his teachings are game changing."

Maria Menounos

2x New York Times best selling author and host of “Better Together with Maria Menounos”

"Brian Mahan writes like a force of nature. Both laugh-out-loud funny and terrifying—Brian weaves personal experience with his deep knowledge of Somatic Experiencing to bring you a road map for healing your most profound traumas.”

Matthew Carnahan

Creator of Emmy Award-winning series HOUSE OF LIES and author of SERPENT GIRL.

“Brian has the profound ability to lead me towards the truth. Always.“

Annabelle Dexter Jones

(HBO ‘Succession’) Actor, Director

“Traditional therapy made me relive my trauma by having to tell the same story again and again, without seeing any improvement. Brian takes you to the core issues in a whole new way so that you actually heal!”

Tamar Geller

New Your Times bestselling author of The Loved Dog and as Oprah says “A Life Coach for dogs and their people”

"Brian has been a bright light illuminating the path of my personal healing journey. From an internal and external view it appears this world needs levels of healing from perspectives we haven’t explored before. Brian has been exploring these levels of healing for years. It shows in his work.
Fleming’s work healed the world 100 years ago, and my gut tells me that Mahan is doing that very same thing for the emotional body.
Thank you Brian, not just for helping me, but for all you do for this world."

- Michael Magness

meet the author

About Brian D. Mahan

Brian D. Mahan, SEP is not a traditional talk therapist. He is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, specializing in working with anxiety, PTSD, developmental trauma, shock trauma and shame. Brian once struggled with the life long impact of developmental trauma and shame, not realizing it was the root cause of so many of his problems. After years of fruitless efforts to change, he discovered the missing links to profound and long lasting healing. He is now an internationally renown expert on healing trauma and the trauma of shame. His life’s mission is to help 1,000,000 heal from trauma.

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Working with Brian has been utterly life-changing. In a few months, I experienced a profound transformation from being anxious and depressed to feeling free, unburdened from the heavyweight of my thoughts, and, most importantly, excited about life! The best part about getting well is the new opportunities that have suddenly opened up, and that broken relationships have mended, without any effort from me. The work was intense but it's been an incredible journey that I’ll never forget.

Rebecca J.

Brian and somatic experiencing are a powerful combination. Working with Brian has shifted a lot of things in my life for the better. It's not easy or lazy work, but well worth it... especially if you've tried other types of therapy and haven't found real change I highly recommend Somatic Experiencing work for resolving past trauma. He's both a caring, talented, and compassionate therapist and friend in the journey.

Leela R.
A. MacClean

A phenomenal hour. My initial consultation with Brian was a lot more than I expected. I came into the session feeling anxious and listless and left with a clear head and energized. Plus, Brian gave me a one-minute exercise that I use several times a day to get me out of my head and feel present. I can't believe the effect just one session has had on me and, of course, am looking forward to many more. Feeling very fortunate to have found Brian.

Wayne M.

First session and it was very encouraging. About thirty minutes after the session I felt a release of pressure and some positive memories appeared that were previously blocked. Comforting to know that the procedure can be gentle. I had the reassuring feeling that Brian was kind and trustworthy which allowed me to share the experiences that I would otherwise have kept bottled up.

Shannon C.

The best hour of my week. My work with Brian is always a joy. We seem to accomplish wonderful things in short order. Magically, fixing one issue generalizes across contexts and fixes other things we did not work on!!! I can't say enough positive things about Brian and Somatic Experiencing.

Wendy K.


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